Most things Digital

I have long been fastinated by most things Digitial...

Some I have learned and forgotten and some have been over taken by events...

Currently I'm investigating / explorng  and testing...

1)  WIRES-X HRI-200 (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System)
            enables Internet to RF 
communications that expands the range of amateur radio 
           using internet enabled Voice-over-IP technology. 
           I purchased a unit at Huntsville HAMFEST in 2015 and set it up and experimented for couple of months
           coordinating with Randy Bee  W4BRB with the goal of getting the System Fusion Repeater linked via WIRES-X
           reduced access to the repeater site has put this on hold.

2)  FLdigi (-FastLightDigital application created by W1HKJ (David Freese, Jr.) and associates.      
                 Developer  Website

3)  MESH Network specifically AREDN is an RF network mesh of radio/routers operating
         under the FCC rules, Part 97 in the ham microwave bands, controlled by hams with a Tech license or higher

I'm looking for others interested in exploring the HAM Digital realm with me....   Send me a message here.




I have just joined this site and I am the past President of the Bosque County Amature Radio club in Clifton Texas. we run he system Fusion on 444.400 strickly Digital, and set up in a node room for Minn. /Wiscon. We have our 147.180 with the Yaesu Digital on both Analog and Digital. If someone is talking on the Digital and someone keys up in Analog we have it switch automaticly to Analog. That way every one has a chance to use the 18 machine. Now what we have found since we took out Motorola MSF 5000 off line and put the System Fusion on line , we have lost alot of our ham radio friends when this happened. No one will say why but to me it is the fact that people have not turned on the tone squelch on their Analog Radios and they hate the noise they here when the Digital side is in use. Second to me is the fact we have alot of people who can not afford the price of the Yaesu digital radios. Yes the Yaesu 3200 is around $185.00 but is VHF only and not a dual band radio.  Third some of the radio operators in our area are scared to try something new. I could not get them to help assisting on the line up for a city parade or work a fox hunt or help with the National Weather Service with Skywarn, only three to four people help out. When I became President of the club we had 15 active members and a membership of 28 people. While presidet of the club I sent out mailers to 4 countys around us to all of the Amature Radio operators for a membership drive. I gathered up around 50 members more for the club. We were doing fine until we purchased the Yaesu System Fussion Repeaters, We are down to 18 members and 7 are active in meeting. To tell the truth about the C4FM, I like it but unless everyone buys into the system you can, as we did lose members and your repeater seems to go silent. My Two Cents for Texas, Mr. Bee is correct it limits the access to the repeater.

I plan on being in your area Aug 31 to Sept 10th and would like to meet some of your ham radio operators. I was in your area last year and I tried to communicate with some I heard talking and I could not get a responce.  I hope this year I can meet some of your members as I plan on looking for some property in the area from Lewisburg to Shelbyville. I love your area and the rich history