And the Tone is ON



Kinda Like   The Beat goes On    hihi


The Tone Decode has been enabled on the KI4NJJ repeater as of Tuesday evening 09/16/2014

It was put off as long as it could reasonably be 

An excessive amount of out of area signals were continuing to key the repeater up and at times actually almost capture it from us in an HT mode

This basically was due to the tremendous Tropo conditions of the past few weeks

But none the less we have continually experienced the unintentional interference from out of area stations simply usijng their own local repeaters

I would suspect that in some different areas they are having to take similiar measures due to our radio signals invading their repeaters antenna capture area and creating a similiar situation to what we have experienced


Remember  This Tone is 127.3

Please program it into your radios and HTs


If you are also tied of hearing the bits and pieces of other repeaters etc from out of the area as these conditions are favorable program your receivers to 127.3 CTCS

This way you will only hear signals with the proper tone which will be our repeater and other like toned equipment(ie our members equipment toned on TX and RX)