OK.. I am looking for any suggestions on the website.. what do you like? what do you hate? what would you like to see added or deleted?

What are you having troubles with? Do we need to set up a training class to walk thru the features and allow for a Q&A session to get your questions answered?


Better yet.. who is even USING the website? I look at the logs, and I see a total 4 people that are on here even SEMI-regularly

SOMEBODY give me feedback.. we have put a lot of work into trying to improve the website but if nobody uses it, then the point is mute !


Little Eddie



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Need a Tab that says members list and only members can log onto.

I like this idea.. and am checking into it .. Further refinement.. full membership listing (Name, phone #, email, etc) or a more basic listing of name & callsign only) ??